Famous Stages Reviews

I am a very simple man. I called, I went online, and I ordered my cords. They arrived quickly, no hassle and no problems. This is the kind of company I like.
- Roddrick G. 4-6-2016

114-GL-WINKI. Excellent lights for the price. Easy to program, have had them for only 3 weeks. Would definitely buy a few more.  
- Jose H. 3-22-2016

114-GL-WINKI. I replaced the old Hamsters with this light. Wider, brighter and more functionality. Full remote capability with digital DMX coding - very easy. Nice mounting bracket that allows for easy floor/sitting operation. Great value light.
-  Ryan D. 3-22-2016

136-DMXDP416-N.  I have needed a few DMX 4 channel 15-20A dimmer packs for a while but chauvet and elation both seemed to be priced around $150-$175 EACH! These are the SAME quality at HALF the price. You cannot go wrong! The shipping was fast and free and the quality is great. I will be back to buy MANY more things from these guys. These have the same features and power handling and smooth dimming. The case is maybe 25% more thin but seeing as these are permanently mounted it's no big deal and even if they went out they would handle the road no problem.
-  Patrick B. 3-21-2016

Excellent quality and fast, reasonable shipping!
-  Brian 3-16-2016

140-SPAN-18-N.  I purchased this Truss System for a whole bunch of reasons. But the main one are the Crank stands. I used this Truss On my DJ Setup, and last week ran lights for a band. I was the best setup I have ever had.
-  Christopher C. 3-15-2016

I received 3 open box lights from your company. 2 cobra scanners and Im not sure what the name was for the other light, but the model number is #460-12277 Everything shipped fast, was packaged well and worked great! I just used them at a wedding this past weekend. They all worked well with my DMX controller and were the hit of the party.
-  Anton S. 3-14-2016

102-WIDE54. This is a very good light for our use as a close in area light.
-  Frank H. 3-14-2016

127-H-PROSMOKE-N. The fog juice is always a good deal.
-  Barrett W. 3-14-2016

115-COBRA-M. Wow, the cobra scanner is a lot of light for the money. Beyond expectation!
-  Barrett W. 3-14-2016

Got exactly what I ordered in a very timely fashion. Couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely buy from this vendor again.
-  Robert H. 3-7-2016

The Sprint wireless mic sounds much better than the Shure wireless I own.
- Steve D. 2-24-2016

-  CATHY D. 1-11-2016


 Awesome for DJs and Bands. I use this as part of my static rig. It works very nice It's a very nice LED effect.  
- Will S. 12-21-2015

116-ROX-PBG-MTR. Cool purchase. This was a cool purchase for my static rig. I got a few in different colors and it adds a neat effect to my rig.
-  Will S. 12-21-2015

Black Truss Bag: Nice heavy duty bag, Black budget truss fits very nice.  
- DJ Steve 12-14-2015

Black Budget Truss Review contents:

Pros:   Great price, Light Weight, Fast Shipping, O-Clamps fit perfectly, Lots of adapters, bolts and knobs to connect the pieces. Base plate is sturdy and heavy. Very nice bag, heavy duty. Excellent Customer Service with Cheaplights.com.


Connecting the 2 3ft sections together is a little difficult, takes some maneuvering, but they do connect and is stable. Might try to bend the end of the connectors in for easier connection. If you can fit it, buy the full 6ft piece and no need to worry about connecting them.

Overall great truss for the $$.  
- DJ Steve 12-14-2015

awesome as usual. Fast delivery , great value. Thank you very much. Product as described.  
- Karl S. 12-14-2015

Hello Kristy.

Thank you very much what great service we have our delivery you are the best happy Thanksgiving.  
- Rico S. 11-25-2015

I just talked with one of your staff, I think he said his name was Elliott. Great guy. That is important to have staff whom are knowledgable and take the time to talk about the lighting product.  
- Danny B. 11-30-2015

Holy smokes Batman......that was fast.  LOL.  
- Michael G. 11-25-2015

Hello , Phil , and thank you for the concern.   I had called to hopefully order some missing parts. However , I discovered a bag of parts had fallen from the box as I was carrying it in from the UPS truck.   I am greatly appreciative of your concerning email . Thank you!   I will end by saying I'm a very happy customer that " FAMOUSSTAGES.COM” will be selling to again.  
- Tony T. 11-12-2015

hey buddy, im looking for a good powered base speaker for my party room the one i have is a 10 inch powered yamaha  that dont have any balls . the 12 inch powered speaker i got from yall 4 years ago still kicks ass along with all my lighting as well.  
- Robert H. 11-5-2015

I would like to say 5 stars.  - Antony H. 11-5-2015

Very happy with the truss purchase, just as described and super fast shipping.  
- David L. 11-5-2015

I ordered a set of 4 hamsters at first to try them out and check their quality. I was pleasantly surprised! Love how easy they are to use and the size is perfect for transporting. As an event coordinator I often get asked "Where can I rent uplights?" For just a little more than the cost to rent, I now own them. I loved the first set so much I ordered another set of 4. Having these lights in my inventory gives me one more service I can offer my clients for less.  
- Wendy S. 11-5-2015

I bought a couple things from these folks in the past. They do seem to have the best deals.  
- Max L. 11-4-2015

I have purchased many items from your Dallas location. I have a guitar center credit card. But I like working with cheaplights.  
- Dennis H. 10-22-2015

Very reasonably priced cables, used them for lighting without any issues. Excellent value for the price.  
- Bruce D. 10-14-2015

These guy are on their game , great prices and lightning fast delivery.............. THANKS MUCH.  
- William M. 10-14-2015

Liked the product, was what I expected.  
- Henry C. 10-14-2015

Prices are good and shipping was prompt. Service was excellent.  
- Tom G. 10-14-2015

Easy and fast shipping. Great lights, great price. Very happy! We had a light that was broken upon arrival, and the team took care of it immediately. We had a new light less than 24 hours later!  
- Kristin 10-14-2015

Phil - thanks for your support today! You and Gary have been very good to me and I appreciate your help!  
- Barry N. 5-6-2015

Gary - I continue to refer you guys every chance I get - as a matter of fact I just told a couple of DJ's in Cancun about you guys.  
- Barry N. 5-6-2015

Received my order today. Extremely pleased with the lights. Look forward to doing business in the future!  
- Blake S. 4-10-2015

Thanks again. You guys are great to work with. Appreciated.  
- Bob S. 8-21-2014

Best service i have ever recieved. I'll be calling tomorrow. Thank you!
- Pastor T. 8-17-2014

You guys are AWESOME!!!!!  
- Cheryl J. 8-13-2014

I called this morning about a programming issue with my controller.  Your Tech Support was great. Thanks again.  
- Derek P. 7-25-2014

I just wanted to thank you for the truss lighting. I was very worried because of negative reviews online. However, you were EXTREMELY responsive with my questions and shipped them out immediately. The truss' themselves are very nice too. If you have a couple review sites where you'd like me to leave feedback please let me know. My business is all built off referrals, so I know the importance. Thanks again.  
- John N. 6-4-2014

Based on your information and strong communications, yesterday I placed an order for confetti tubes. In the end, I also decided to purchase an electric base. Your report from dissecting the confetti tubes gave me confidence that you serve all of your customers well.  
- William A. 6-3-2014

I would like to say I have enjoyed your company with speakers, lights, and accessories.  They have made being a dj and sound tech for bands easy to look and sound top notch. I do not have thousands to spend at any given time and this is one of the reasons your site and company is appealing. Good products at a fair price. You also keep shipping costs down which I know is out of your control at some point. All this to say keep up the good work and expect more orders from me. Whenever I hear of people needing lighting or sound I always recommend your company. I have also called your showroom number on several occasions and every single time I get advice that has worked.  
- Daniel H. 2-14-2014

I always appreciate the great savings and diversity of your lighting and sound products.  I wish you the best.  
- Bob L. 2-10-2014

Great deal on the last order with free shipping! Being a small business every dime counts and I appreciate the service and support.  
- Paul A. 2-11-2014

Love you guys products thus far. My last 2 orders was over $100 each!  
- James H. 5-7-2013

This is great! thank you so much. Wow, thank you for  excellent customer service!!  
- Dwayne D. 7-30-2012