Lighting on a Budget

Press Release: Lighting on a Budget

Stage Lighting on a Budget
Sometimes, the difference between an amateur and a professional performance – or the difference between a positive and negative experience for the audience – is lighting. Often, stage lighting can make or break your event, and usually the amateurs don’t have the budget or skill to pull off a better-quality event. With a few tricks and the right tools, you can create stage lighting that is both high quality and affordable.

PAR Cans Whether you’re a coffee shop owner or church director, a set of PAR Cans falls within any stage lighting budget. Simple, rugged light fixtures, PAR Cans create a soft, unfocused beam edge. Beam sizes and patterns are determined by the type of and size of the bulbs – PAR Cans come in varying sizes, including Par 38, 46, 56, and 64. Starting at only $15-apiece, PAR Cans are easy stage lighting tools – make them the backbone for your event.
Color Gels For a special kick under $6, color gels are a good way to add some variety to your stage lighting effects. Use these inexpensive gels with your existing light fixtures – switch colors to create different moods and depth in your performance. A helpful pointer: Don’t use more than one gel at a time; they will get hot and burn up faster. With hundreds of colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect tone for your event.
Ellipsoidal and Fresnel Lamps More pricey than PAR Cans, ellipsoidal and Fresnel lamps act as multi-tasking stage lighting specialists. Since One light does the work of several lights, you’ll save money in the long run. Ellipsoidal units are the “workhorses” of stage lights – they can create broad washes, pinpoint spotlights, or be used to project background patterns. With soft-edge focusable beams, Fresnel lamps provide ideal solutions for backlighting, side lighting, and area washes. If you have a little more money to spend, consider investing in a couple of these versatile lamps.
Special Effects Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or performing a high school dance on stage, a variety of affordable special lighting effects can add excitement and intrigue. For under $100, a derby creates a myriad of colors that crisscross the room– get one with a built in mic to synch the lights with the beat of the music. A high-quality center light rotates 360 degrees throwing tiny beads of colored or white light around the room while adding energy or romance to your performance.. Playing around with fun additions like strobe lights, black lights, rope lights, and chasers enhance the mood of your event without costing a lot of money.