Press Release: Trussing

Customers Clamor for Ground-Breaking Light Gauge Steel Trussing, and Delivers
Phones have been ringing off the hook at the offices of, where customers are clamoring for the advanced technology of light-gauge steel trussing. Light-gauge steel trussing quickly dethroned the old standard aluminum trussing, which reigned supreme in the word of trussing for over two decades. Churches and nightclubs, the two largest buyers of trussing, are switching to light-gauge steel trussing, and there’s no better time to make the switch than right now. Lightweight yet sturdy, light-gauge steel trussing outperforms aluminum trussing and translates into a better value. manufactures their own light-gauge steel trussing and sells light-gauge steel trussing at half the price of the old aluminum trussing. Additionally, customers report is the only manufacturer in the country that sells black light-gauge steel trussing – a much more inconspicuous product than regular aluminum trussing.

In addition to great prices on the highly-sought light-gauge steel trussing, sells everything else customers need to set the stage for whatever show they’re putting on. True to their name, sells thousands of lights at incredible prices. PAR Can lights, the hugely popular bright flood lights, come in a variety of colors. With a huge inventory of PAR Can lights in stock, guarantees an excellent selection – no matter when customers shop. If their event requires elaborate lighting effects, customers can find Intelligent lighting features, a popular product line from industry leader Chauvet, on at closeout prices. Intelligent Lighting is a form of automated stage lighting that can perform complex and intricate effects far outshining the abilities of standard stationary light features. and Chauvet are closely tied names and a powerhouse duo in the entertainment industry. Chauvet is known as an innovative developer and manufacturer of high-end technologies such as lights, moving yokes, and scanners. recently acquired three truckloads of Chauvet’s intelligent lights and is selling them at 25 to 50 percent off their sticker price.
While Brent Green, founder and owner of, is excited about all of his products and special deals, steel gauge trussing is the number one thing on his mind: “Of all the products we sell, light-gauge steel trussing has been drawing the most impressive interest, particularly among churches. Some churches have more stage lighting than the Rolling Stones!” works hard to keep up with it’s customers’ demands. For example, the company introduced its own steel gauge box truss, which was formerly only available in more expensive aluminum. With that and other light-gauge steel trussing products from, a show venue can create impressive stage lighting at a percentage of the former cost.
Whether customers are purchasing light-gauge steel trussing, PAR Can lights, Intelligent Lights, or anything else from the extensive selection at, their order will generally be shipped that very day. maintains an enormous warehouse in Houston, Texas. Its central location, combined with its endless inventory, allows for quick shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. Order light-gauge steel trussing today, and it’ll be heading out of the warehouse in just a few hours. For more information about steel gauge trussing or any product line, visit or call 1-800-880-0883.