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Global Truss 12 inch Aluminum Square Box Truss 16.4 ft Pack of 8

Product ID: 178-SQ1640


12 inch Aluminum Square / Box Truss. 16.40 foot long straight piece. Unit weight 65 Lbs. Truss overall width is 11.41 inches. 2 inch OD pipes.

  • Truss pipes are 9.44 inches center to center width.
  • Includes 4 couplers, 8 pins and 8 clips to connect to another section of truss.

A note about LOAD RATINGS: Our load ratings are conservative. Keep in mind that the load ratings given are for a specific distance between supports and in our industry it is rare to go these longest distances without a support via stand or ceiling cable.
Load ratings...

  • For a 13ft span: 286 Lbs per foot, 3756 Lbs total.
  • For a 19.7ft span: 142 Lbs per foot, 2809 Lbs total.
  • For a 26ft span: 84 Lbs per foot, 2203 Lbs total.
  • For a 32ft span: 53Lbs per foot, 1764 Lbs total.
  • For a 39ft span: 37 Lbs per foot, 1481Lbs total.