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  • ADJ - JEL481 - JELLY GLOBE; part of Jelly series
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    ADJ - JEL481 - JELLY GLOBE; part of Jelly series

    JELLY GLOBE; part of Jelly series (DISCONTINUED)

    JELLY GLOBE; part of Jelly series

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  • Multi Gator LED Effect Light
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    Multi Gator LED Effect Light

    Multi Gator LED 90 Lens Effect Light

    DMX LED 90 lens Derby effect.

    • $79.77
  • Galaxy LED effect light

    Galaxy LED effect light

    Epsilon Galaxy

    DMX high powered LED effect with 18 x 3 watt RGB LED's

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  • Eliminator Lighting -Katana LED
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    Eliminator Lighting -Katana LED

    Eliminator Lighting - Katana LED RGBW Mini Derby

    RGBW Twisting Beam Mini Derby. The Katana LED from Eliminator Lighting is a compact & lightweight derby fixture powered by 4x 3W RGBW LEDs (1x Red, 1x Green, 1x Blue, 1x White). Don't let the small size fool you though, the Katana LED packs a punch and covers a wide area on the dance floor. Offers 7 DMX channels that give you the ability to control color intensity individually, but if you're not in the mood or are short with time don't worry just plug it in and let it run sound actively to the beat of the music. Also, you'll be able to daisy chain multiple Katana LEDs utilizing just 1x power source to facilitate easy installation and enhance your light show to the next level!

    • $89.95
  • Eliminator Lighting -LED Array
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    Eliminator Lighting -LED Array

    Eliminator Lighting - LED Array Mini Derby (DISCONTINUED)

    Tri LED Mini Derby 9w x2. Based from the popular E-144 Piranha from Eliminator Lighting we now introduce you with the LED Array. Keeping up with tradition this small yet powerful fixture provides multiple clusters of high impact beams crisscrossing over the dance floor. Equipped with long life LEDs you can rest assure the LED Array will be around for a long time. Best of all the LED Array consumes less energy without losing power utilizing LED technology thus making it ECO efficient.

    • $89.95
  • Eliminator Lighting -LED Moon Beam
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    Eliminator Lighting -LED Moon Beam

    Eliminator Lighting - LED Moon Beam  3w x5 MoonFlower

    High Output LED RGBWA 3w x5 MoonFlower. The LED Moon Beam from Eliminator Lighting is a high intensity moonflower effect fixture powered by 5x RGBWA LEDs rated @ 3W each. Equipped with low power consuming LEDs the LED Moon Beam can be left running all night without worrying about any over heating. Thus, not requiring duty cycles. It offers 4 function modes to choose from: Auto/Stand Along, Sound Active, Master/Slave and DMX protocol. The LED Moon Beam comes with preinstalled light show programs that can get you up and running in little to no time if time is limited.

    • $97.95
  • Eliminator Lighting -LED Mushroom
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    Eliminator Lighting -LED Mushroom

    Eliminator Lighting - LED Mushroom - 3-Watt x 5 RGBWA LED

    Hight Output RGBWA LED 3w x5 Mushroom. The LED Mushroom from Eliminator Lighting is bringing back the classic mushroom Effect with a brighter and more efficient LED light source! Equipped with LED technology you can expect the same classic sound active feature but now with a much higher impact of multi-colored bright LED beams, longer light source life cycle, Master/Slave & DMX modes. The Eliminator Lighting - LED Mushroom is great for clubs or the mobile DJ on the Go!

    • $97.95
  • Eliminator Lighting -Electro Swarm
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    Eliminator Lighting -Electro Swarm

    Eliminator Lighting - Electro Swarm 1-Watt x6 Mushroom Effect

    Multi Beam RGB 1w x6 Mushroom Effect. The Eliminator Lighting Electro Swarm features 6 sound activated 1 watt LEDs (2R, 2G, 2B) with a combined output of 15 watts, along with a stepper motor and multiple 90 beam angle lenses these combined features provide for maximum Dance floor coverage. There is no duty cycle so it may run all night and with its low power consumption multiple units can be linked together and run in a daisy chain arrangement off of the built in microphone.

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  • Eliminator Lighting -Crystal Ray
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    Eliminator Lighting -Crystal Ray

    Eliminator Lighting - Crystal Ray 112 LEDs DJ Effect Lights

    Color Changing Translucent DJ Effect. The Crystal Ray LED is Eliminator Lighting's first dual lighting effect. It's crystal like shell and variety of built in programs and patterns are several features that will make your next installation or gig a memorable one! With a total of 112 LEDs it will be sure to light up and stand out at every show.

    • $109.95
  • Eliminator Lighting -LED Fury
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    Eliminator Lighting -LED Fury

    Eliminator Lighting - LED Fury 1-watt x 8 LED Derby

    High Output RGBW LED 1w x8 Derby. The LED Fury from Eliminator Lighting offers a classic effect that has been around in the lighting business since the beginning. Equipped with 1x RGBWA LED rated @ 8W the LED Fury's crisscross effect projects powerful and sharp beams that cover a wide area room or dance floor; whether used at a club or for a mobile DJ it will not disappoint. Offers 3 function modes: Sound Active, Master/Slave or DMX, Electronic sound sensitivity control and strobe effect. Best part of all with incorporated LED technology you'll no longer be emitting heat onto the stage or entertainer and therefore will run all night long without requiring a duty cycle.

    • $115.95
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