Global Truss 20x20x10 feet F34 Circular Truss System

Building the Perfect Stage with Global Truss: A Guide to the 20x20x10 Feet F34 Circular Truss System

What’s up, event enthusiasts and stage setup pros! Welcome back to the Famous Stages blog, your go-to source for all things trussing and staging. Today, we’re diving into one of our favorite setups: the Global Truss 20x20x10 feet F34 Circular Truss System. Whether you're a DJ production manager, an event manager, or a trade show organizer, this truss system is a game-changer. Let’s get started on building this impressive setup!

What You’ll Need:

Here’s a quick rundown of the Global Truss products we’ll be using:

  • 4 pcs. Global Truss SQ-4111 F34 12-inch Aluminum Box Truss (4.92 ft. long)
  • 4 pcs. SQ-4137 Base Plate 12x12-inch for F34 Square Truss
  • 4 pcs. Global Truss SQ-4113 F34 12-inch Aluminum Box Truss (8.2 ft. long)
  • 1 pcs. Global Truss ST-UJB-12 Universal Junction Box
  • 1 pcs. Global Truss F34 12-inch Truss 4Arc Circle (9.84 ft.)
  • 2 pcs. Global Truss UJB/C-12 1/2 Coupler with Alien Bolt (4 Pack)

Step-by-Step Assembly Guide

Step 1: Preparing the Base

First things first, let’s get the base ready. Place the four SQ-4137 base plates at the corners of your 20x20 feet stage area. Make sure they are evenly spaced and secure – these plates are the foundation of your entire setup.

Step 2: Setting Up the Vertical Supports

Next, take the four SQ-4111 F34 Aluminum Box Trusses (4.92 ft. long) and attach them vertically to each base plate. These trusses will act as the pillars of your structure. Secure them tightly using the UJB/C-12 1/2 Couplers with Alien Bolts. It’s crucial to ensure these are solidly in place because they will support the entire weight of the truss system.

Setting Up Global Truss Base Plates and Vertical Supports


Step 3: Creating the Horizontal Framework

Now, it’s time to form the horizontal cross-section. Connect the four SQ-4113 F34 Aluminum Box Trusses (8.2 ft. long) to the tops of your vertical supports using the ST-UJB-12 Universal Junction Box in the center. This will create a cross-shaped framework at the top, which is the backbone of your stage design.

Step 4: Adding the Arc Trusses

This is where it gets exciting! Disassemble the Global Truss F34 4Arc Circle (9.84 ft.) into its four arc segments. Attach each arc to the ends of the horizontal trusses, creating four large arcs that extend out from the center. These arcs combined with the cross-shaped horizontal truss will provide a dome-shaped arc structure and add a dynamic visual element to your stage setup.

Cross-shaped horizontal trusses and Global Truss quarter arcs will provide a dome-shaped arc structure


Step 5: Connecting the Arcs to the Vertical Posts

Now for the tricky part – aligning the top arc trusses with the vertical posts. Raise the horizontal framework carefully and align the other ends of the four arcs with the top ends of the vertical truss posts. Securely connect each arc to a vertical post using the UJB/C-12 1/2 Couplers with Alien Bolts. This step ensures that the arc trusses are firmly attached and stable.

Step 6: Securing the Structure

Finally, go around and double-check all connections. Use the remaining couplers to reinforce any weak spots, ensuring everything is rock-solid. Safety first, always!

Why Choose the Global Truss 20x20x10 Feet F34 Circular Truss System?

  • Versatility: This setup is perfect for a variety of events, from concerts and DJ sets to trade shows and conventions.
  • Sturdiness: Made from high-quality aluminum, these trusses are both lightweight and incredibly durable.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The arc design adds a modern and professional touch to any event, enhancing the overall visual impact.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! A step-by-step guide to building the Global Truss 20x20x10 feet F34 Circular Truss System. We hope this guide helps you create an amazing stage setup for your next event. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Famous Stages. Happy building, and may your events always be a resounding success!

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