GlobalTruss F23 DJ Triangle Truss Pack Goal Post

Spice up your Stage Trussing with Global Truss DJ TRIANGLE TRUSS-PACK Goal Post

Hey fellow stage aficionados and party enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your events from ordinary to extraordinary? Get ready to dive into the Global Truss DJ TRIANGLE TRUSS-PACK Goal Post – your ticket to transforming any venue into a stage sensation!

Let's Get Technical


First things first, let's break down the gear you've got in this powerhouse package:

Base Plates: These 2 rectangular triangle base plates are the rock-solid foundation of your stage setup, ensuring stability and reliability.

Vertical Posts: Picture this – you've got two vertical posts, each composed of two pieces of the Global Truss Triangle Truss straight segments provided in the package. That's right, double the strength to support your stage dreams!

Corner Trusses: Don't forget those 2 corner triangle truss sections that slide together to create an 8 feet span of truss! These 2 corner trusses complete the look, adding both style and stability to your setup.

Horizontal Trusses: Your horizontal trusses are also made of the trusty Global Truss Triangle Truss straight segments. These pieces connect your vertical posts and the corner trusses, forming the framework of your triangle stage truss goal post.                                                                          

Building Your Stage Kingdom

  1. Set Up the Base Plates: Position your base plates in the desired location, ensuring they're parallel and securely placed
  2. Connect the Vertical Posts: Take your vertical posts (each composed of two pieces of the Global Truss Triangle Truss straight segments) and secure them to the base plates. This forms the backbone of your goal post truss structure, doubling down on support. Connect Global Truss Triangle Truss straight segments
  3. Complete the Corners: Connect the 2 corner trusses to the top left and right corners of your structure. These pieces not only add visual flair but also provide additional reinforcement for your stage truss goal post masterpiece.Connect Global Truss Triangle Truss Corners
  4. Add the Horizontal Trusses: Now, it's time to connect those horizontal trusses (also made of the Global Truss Triangle Truss straight segments) to your vertical posts. This step solidifies the frame of your stage, creating the iconic goal post shape.
Let Your Gear Shine


With your truss structure in place, it's time to let your gear steal the spotlight. Hang your lights, mount your speakers, and bring your stage to life with the equipment that sets the mood and moves the crowd.

Fine-Tune and Rock On

Step back, take a deep breath, and admire your handiwork. But remember, we're not done just yet. Fire up your gear, test the lights, crank up the music, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your stage setup is primed for an unforgettable performance.

Ready to Rock the Stage?

With the Global Truss DJ TRIANGLE TRUSS-PACK Goal Post, you've got the tools you need to take your events to new heights. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and make every performance a showstopper.

Ready to elevate your stage game? Head over to and get your hands on the Global Truss DJ TRIANGLE TRUSS-PACK Goal Post today. Your audience won't know what hit them!

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