$1,279.96 USD

Pack of 4

The Eliminator Stealth Craze is a unique compact moving head equipped with four 10W LEDs. It features a rotating lens that moves back and forth throwing the razor sharp beams all over a venue or dance floor. It covers a large area and creates a lot of energy for all types of parties. It can be used as a solid beam effect or four separate beams.

Take it anywhere, it's small and weighs only 10 pounds so it won't be a hassle whether you're playing locally or taking it from show to show on the road, or install it into a nightclub, lounge, roller rink, bowling alley, trampoline park or fun center.

The Stealth Craze has a color wheel with red, yellow, blue and white. It has an exciting rainbow scroll effect, it strobes in every color, and has adjustable high speed pan and tilt. Use with any DMX-512 controller, or run in sound active mode with with its built-in lighting shows you'll always have entertainment ready on the go.

The Stealth Craze has all the essential features to make your show light up the night. To improve the experience, use an Eliminator fog machine to show the beams of light and get the most of your LED lighting experience. From weddings to clubs to stage shows, the Stealth Craze by Eliminator Lighting is a great addition to any memorable event.