$1,582.00 USD

SKU#: DTCS0040

It's heavy-duty crankin' time!  This stand can hoist 440 pounds up to 16 feet high with outriggers. With two of these and some trussing (Steel or Aluminum) you can crank up a colossal light show with ease and confidence.  Other Features:  Can be used with flat, triangle and square trussing.  2 section vertical mast.  Top mast is circular  and is 1 1/2 inches wide.  Weight- 110 lbs. T adaptor for this crank stand is 195-STAND-T. 

Maximum load 440 lbs. 200kg

Minimum load 22 lbs. 10kg

Maximum height 16.40 ft. 5000mm

Folded height 6.08 ft. 1855mm

Weight 110 lbs. 50kg

Foot extension dia. 6.56 ft. 2000mm