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167-TRI8.5-11.48 ft 

Global Truss 8.5 inch Aluminum Triangle Truss. 11.48 foot long straight piece. Unit weight is 21 Lbs. Truss overall width is 8 5/8 inches. 1 1/3 inch OD pipes. Pipes are .078 inch thick. 1/3 inch diagonal bracing. **Includes 3 couplers, 6 pins and 6 clips to connect to another section of truss****NOT UPS SHIPPABLE** F23 TR96107.

A note about LOAD RATINGS: Our load ratings are conservative. Keep in mind that the load ratings given are for a specific distance between supports and in our industry it is rare to go these longest distances without a support via stand or ceiling cable.

Load ratings...

  • For a 6ft span: 117.6 Lbs per foot, 771.45 Lbs total.
  • For a 9ft span: 76.6 Lbs per foot, 753.74 Lbs total.
  • For a 13ft span: 43 Lbs per foot, 563.16 Lbs total.
  • For a 19.7ft span: 18.1 Lbs per foot, 256.21 Lbs total.
  • For a 26ft span: 9.4 Lbs per foot, 246.65 Lbs total.
  • For a 32ft span: 5.4 Lbs per foot, 177.12 Lbs total.

TUV stamp of approval

Global Truss produces aluminum stage trussing products using only TUV-certified (Technischer Überwachungsverein or Technical Inspection Association) materials of highest quality and welding craftsmanship. For decades, Global Truss’ skilled production staff designed and engineered its trussing products ensuring that it passes through a superior quality control process to meet the TUV stamp of approval. Customers are guaranteed to receive Global Truss products with world class durability and highest standard.


Tubes: 35mm (1.34in); Wall Thickness: 2mm (0.08in); Braces: 8mm (0.31in) Truss Size: 220mm (8.66in) x 220mm (8.66in); Material: EN-AW 6082 T6 Aluminum




TR96101 1.64ft/0.5m 4lbs/1.82kg
TR96102 3.28ft/1m 6lbs/2.72kg
TR96103 4.92ft/1.5m 9lbs/4.09kg
TR96104 6.56ft/2m 13lbs/5.9kg
TR96105 8.20ft/2.5m 15lbs/6.81kg
TR96106 9.84/3m 20lbs/9.08kg
TR96107 11.48ft/3.5m 21lbs/9.53kg
TR96108 13.12ft/4m 24lbs/10.9kg

Note: F23 triangular truss straight segments have the same specifications on tubes, wall thickness, braces, truss size, and aluminum material. The only difference is on weights depending on truss height/length. English and metric system unit conversions are provided in the table.