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Global Truss F33 12 inch Aluminum Triangle Truss TR-4079 - 6.56 ft

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170-TR656 12 inch Aluminum Triangle Truss. 6.56 foot long straight piece. 22 Lbs. Truss overall width is 11.41 inches. 2 inch OD pipes. **Includes 3 couplers, 6 pins and 6 clips to connect to another section of truss**

A note about LOAD RATINGS: Our load ratings are conservative. Keep in mind that the load ratings given are for a specific distance between supports and in our industry it is rare to go these longest distances without a support via stand or ceiling cable. 

Load ratings...

For a 6.65ft span: 511.4 Lbs per foot, 3354.78 Lbs total. For a 13ft span: 138.4 Lbs per foot, 1815.8 Lbs total. For a 19.7ft span: 61.8 Lbs per foot, 1216.22 Lbs total. For a 26ft span: 34.3 Lbs per foot, 905.52 Lbs total. For a 32ft span: 20.8 Lbs per foot, 682.24 Lbs total.


Tubes: 50mm (1.97in); Wall Thickness: 2mm (0.08in); Braces: 20mm (0.8in) Truss Size: 290mm (11.41in) x 258mm (10.15in); Material: EN-AW 6082 T6 Aluminum




TR-4076-375 1.23ft/0.375m 8lbs/3.63kg
TR-4076 1.64ft/0.5m 9lbs/4.09kg
TR-4077-75 2.46ft/0.75m 12lbs/5.45kg
TR-4077-875 2.87ft/0.875m 13lbs/5.9kg
TR-4077 3.28ft/1m 14lbs/6.36kg
TR-4078-1250 4.10ft/1.25m 15lbs/6.81kg
TR-4078 4.92ft/1.5m 17lbs/7.72kg
TR-4079 6.56ft/2.0m 22lbs/9.99kg
TR-40808 8.20ft/2.5m 26lbs/11.8kg
TR-4081 9.84ft/3.0m 31lbs/14.07kg
TR-4082 11.48ft/3.5m 35lbs/15.89kg
TR-4083 13.12ft/4.0m 39lbs/17.71kg
TR-4084 14.76ft/4.5m 44lbs/19.98kg
TR-4085 16.40ft/5.0m 48lbs/21.79kg

Note: F33 triangular truss straight segments have the same specifications on tubes, wall thickness, braces, truss size, and aluminum material. The only difference is on weights depending on truss height/length. English and metric system unit conversions are provided in the table.